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Youth, best prey to Narcotics

Youth can be known as a synonym of energetic, enthusiastic, stubborn and achieving.
The young generation are capable of doing anything. They can make a country or break it, they can make the authorities to change a rule because they are so powerful when they are united.
But there are many aspects which are making our youth weak. One of them is the Increased use of narcotics in our youth. Narcotics are the medications used to relief the pain but it’s increased use can be dangerous. It creates an addiction in an individual.
Now , the question in why there is such increased level of use of narcotics in the youth
Depression or anxiety
Particular amount of tensions
Unnecessary expectations which parents and they have from themselves
No employment
Excessive emotions
Bad influence
To act cool: if everyone is doing i should also do it
And there could be a long list.
It’s addiction can cost our life because it cause severe effects on our mental and physical health
We can become even more depressed
Can effect our behaviour
Can make us emotionally numb
Our IQ can be effected
Physically it makes us weak
It can drain the energy for which youth is known
There capability of changing the aspects of life will be zero because there every ability is effected due to this addictive narcotics
Severe effects can be much more but what’s the point of beating over the problem we should sort out the solutions for this increasing problem in our youth. there are certain rehabilitation centres which are providing help to our narcotics addicted youth but i think nothing could happen without a person’s will. if they want to get out of this problem first they have to urge themselves then someone else can help them.
Moreover, we can spread awareness in our youth that use of narcotics is not the solution to their problems and they can consult their good friends, their parents or any consultant for a good advice . they should know the difference between the bad influence and good influence.
By motivating them and taking constructive actions we can minimize this problem and make the youth which can make a country prosper.

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