What Did Niels Bohr Discover?


Bohr talked concerning the potential for utilizing uranium-235 to assemble an atomic bomb in lectures given in Britain and Denmark merely sooner than and after the wrestle began, nevertheless he didn’t suppose it was bodily attainable to extract enough uranium-235.

Heisenberg, who had taken value of the German nuclear vitality program, paid a go to to Bohr in Copenhagen in September 1941. The two males had a private dialog all through this meeting exterior, the details of which have been extensively speculated upon on account of every males provided conflicting tales.

Heisenberg claims that when he raised the themes of nuclear vitality, morality, and wrestle, Bohr abruptly ended the dialog with out providing any hints as to his private beliefs.

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What Did Niels Bohr Discover?

Bohr created the Bohr model of the atom, by means of which he argued that electron vitality ranges are discrete and that electrons orbit the atomic nucleus in regular orbits nevertheless have the ability to maneuver between them.

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