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Life is the journey of continuous learning. Where we seek in different manners, but the most effective way of seeking something is an INCIDENT- “An accident is the greatest Guidance ever”.


کون سیکھا ہے صرف باتوں سے
سب کو ایک حادثہ ضروری ہے


What I have gained from my life experiences is that don’t be too nice with everyone, people will squeeze your blood till its last drop, never let you remain in any comfort zone. They will use you until your capacity would say I Quit
The biggest regret of my life is that I have been too nice and polite to everyone. I gave worth to those who didn’t deserve it, I apologized when I wasn’t at fault, just to maintain balance among everything, to sustain healthy interactions. I realize now that the relationships I wanted to keep ‘healthy’ were never healthy, to begin with.
When we continuously offer someone kindness due to our sympathetic nature, people perceive this geniality as their right. They stick to the skin like a mosquito, sucking blood and calling it their sustenance. When they are forced to leave, they spit on the skin and fly away buzzing. They are irritants through and through. Their hypocrisy and narcissism are what rules them, rather than honesty and selflessness.


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