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Whenever a pandemic hit a nation it becomes very pathetic for the people to handle, treat and get rid out of it. Pandemics come like a thunderstorm and within days and weeks everything changes. Changes occur with such a pace that one does not understands how to tackle this kind of situation. It’s a phenomenal fact that after every century there is a plague that ruins and disturbs thousands of life.
The coronavirus that is also known as COVID-19 or COV2 was originally discovered in December 2019 in Wuhan, province of China. This virus has currently affected many countries and almost all the continents of the world. in this pandemic the whole world is fully or partially locked down. Almost everyone is observing quarantine and self-isolation.
Staying in quarantine and self-isolation is a vital step towards the precaution of getting this virus as there is no proper treatment for this virus except for taking precautions but as it is not a normal thing, so most people are facing some issues that are correlated to the disadvantages. The disadvantages of quarantine are as follow 1) people are not able to get their resource and food supplies due to lockdown
2) poor and needy are way more suffering as they have no job and no daily base tasks to follow.
3) people are not even sure and clear about this virus besides are not fully aware of what they are supposed to do in this crucial time
4) The government is making their efforts to facilitate people as much as they can but still, they lack many grounds such as door to door check-up especially for those who live in underprivileged areas.

In such conditions and situations, youth can help the nation to combat such pandemics by working hand in hand with the local citizen. These are the following tasks youth can work one on one they are as follow:

Those undergraduate students who are currently studying medicine and similar subjects can help in rescue services also they can work for telemedicine or mobile emergency services so that they can per monitor if the patient is truly COVID patient or he is suffering from normal cold or flu.
Those who are studying management and media can start the campaigns regarding awareness that can help in educating people on how to combat this disease and what precautions they take.
Those students who are accountants by their profession can raise campaigns that will help in fundraising so that the needy people can be benefited by the funds.
People who are activists and have popularity in social media can collaborate with other officials in creating content for those who are under isolation because this disease is affecting people physically and mentally so for that reason mentally boasting is important.
Institutions should assign a group of students to rural areas and assign tasks of checking vitals and symptoms of people so that in less time we can combat this disease just like South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan did.
Youth can also provide door to door emergency services to anyone who is in doubt if he is infected or not so that it would become easier for doctors to handle the patients and chaos will be reduced.
In this crucial time, youth can encourage by making short content or something that will amuse everyone who is infected or under self-isolation.
Educate families, friends and community: Spread community awareness online and offline. For example, look at how the Scouts are raising community awareness around the world and how the Ndlovu Youth Choir in South Africa used music and dance to dismantle myths about Coronavirus. Unfortunately, fake news spreads so fast in times of uncertainty. So be responsible. Verify every news and information before sharing. Be a source of calm during this storm.
There must be an online medicine service that will provide information about this virus in a home just with a click all the information will be instantly provided about the symptoms and severity of the disease this will help in facilitating people with quick access.
Youth can volunteer in your community. If there are older people or immunocompromised people help them out. Help out vulnerable people in your community to pick up their groceries and medicine. Healthcare workers around the world are called to work in high demand and they might need your help looking after their children or looking after their parents while they attend to life-saving work in clinics and hospitals around the world.

By the grace of lord our population is mostly consisting of youth so this is a positive point if we use it effectively, we can combat this disease with ease. After everything, we need to act as a nation and being a responsible citizen its out duty to fulfill all the demands that are requested by the government and WHO.

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