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Pandemic Plus: Psychological Effects of Covid-19

Covid-19 is a disease that was unknown to the world until last year. One day people got to know that an unknown disease is spreading at a fast rate and the other day, they got the news that they have to sit back at homes as anybody can be a victim of the disease.

 People were not mentally prepared for this sudden lockdown. In Pakistan, it was almost the mid of March, when people were asked to stay back. On hearing that, people got worried that for how long they are supposed to stay at home. They got worried about the available resources at home especially eatables, drinkables, hand soaps, dishwashing soaps, clothes detergents and disinfectants for homes.

As it was almost the mid of the month, salaried people or the people who work on daily wages, could not go and get enough stock of all these items, as they were in wait for the next salaries. The ones who could afford rushed towards the shopping malls and bought grocery items for at least the next two months.

At that time, many blessed people, who had enough to help others came to the front and helped the underprivileged ones, gave them money and food packages, and helped them in every possible way. Such people proved to be blessings for those who were worried about their future.

The next thought is that for long are we going to stay home? People could see from news channels that there is no cure for this disease. This added more to their worries. The schools got closed, the offices got closed and eventually, a complete lockdown was announced. This had a really negative psychological impact on all.

Children are not allowed to play outside; they are kept indoors, so their physical activities are being affected. They cannot play properly and their school routines are ruined. Most of them can be seen missing their schools, friends and teachers. This is all affecting their development process. Listening to the Corona Virus all the time is causing fear of the unknown in their innocent minds.

Mothers have always played the role of all-rounders in all situations. In the current situation too, they are not only trying to keep their children busy in some activities all the time, but they are playing the roles of their teachers as well. They are helping them learn the new syllabus and revise the old one. They can be seen drawing, coloring, painting, playing cricket, football, and other games with children. At the same time, they can be seen doing the routing house chores like cooking, cleaning and dishwashing etc. Because the maids are also at homes, mothers are performing additional duties of mopping, wiping, dusting, washing dishes and clothes also. So the multitask mom is worth paying tribute in the current calamity.

Old aged people are suffering a lot, as they are told to be absolutely isolated as they are the most vulnerable age group of all. So they are deprived of exposure to nature, the morning and afternoon walks, which has a depressing impact on their minds.

Students are affected badly. Their study routine is affected. Although online classes are being arranged for them by most of the schools, still they cannot handle the situation properly. The assignments doing and checking process is complicated. Their exams are at stake and them also really worried about their syllabus. The O and A level students, who were to appear for exams, are having a difficult situation. The same is the case with metric and FSCs ones. All others are having online classes which cannot be the replacements of actual ongoing lessons.

The poor people are passing through the biggest agony as they do not have any amount in reserve and they are dependent on daily wages mostly.  They are looking forward to the Government or the elite class of the country.  Many of them have got ration packets from the higher-ups, but the uncertainty of the future is a constant fear.

High-class people, although they have enough resources, at the back of their minds, they have a fear of the period of time till which they will spend without earning more or without a multiplication in their investments.

Patients of Coronavirus are not only physically damaged, but they are going through mental torture as well. They have a fear of death as there is no proper medicine for this disease.

For Doctors, life is really challenging as they are in direct contact with virus-infected patients. Some of them have got infected from this disease too and others fear falling victim to it.

Overall the situation of the country is extremely tensed. Nobody knows about the future, as to when this disease will end when its medicine and vaccine will be invented and how the current disease will be controlled. Students are worried about their schools to re-open, employees are waiting for their jobs to resume and everybody wishes the life to get normal once again.

Even after the end of this crisis, people will become psychologically scared of the unknown disease and they will try to have social distancing. They will try to stand at a distance while standing in queues. They will wash hands for more than usual time to kill any germs. The use of disinfectants in houses will increase. People will try to eat cooked food and will try to wash every vegetable and fruit thoroughly. They will become conscious of every cough and fever. They will become worried to have flu or sneezes. They will develop a habit of using sanitizers and most of them will have sanitizers in their pockets. People will try to avoid unwanted socializing. The shopping malls and restaurants will have lesser crowds, as people will be conscious of the fact that unwanted socializing is dangerous for them. Things will take time to settle time and everyone wishes for everything to become fine as before and Coronavirus disappears in the same way as if it were never present on this earth.

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