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Pandemic Plus: Exacerbated Threats of COVID-19

Coronavirus Disease-19 is a disease that was identified in the late 2019s and was declared as pandemic on 11th March, which affected the whole world so badly. An infectious disease that causes respiratory illness other symptoms including cough, fever and breathing difficulties. The vaccination for its diagnosis is still unavailable. The origin of this infectious disease has a big question mark?  Different conspiracies, with a different point of view, take birth with the passage of time and its destruction. Who to blame: West, China, the first epicenter itself or take it as a sign of nature? These questions still stand there but here will be discussed how this disease became a pandemic that alerted global village and what can further happen.

Worst affected sites:

The humanitarian crisis can be seen mostly in the regions of conflict zones including IOK, Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya. Refugees and their settlement issues were already present there and now it became much more difficult and out of control in these circumstances. Health infrastructure is in critical position in these regions. Virus reaching to them would be uncontrollable. Refugees camp don’t even have good water supply nor sanitation process neither social distancing capabilities, so they would be the most vulnerable.

Socio-economic impacts of Pandemic have changed human mobility also causing disruptions in daily life. Moreover, could be fundamentally changing the face of global migration. Labor class working out of stations would get harm in their financial and social lives.

However, the high ratio of deaths in Italy, Spain and other European states has proved to us many things. Maybe they are not the most civilized or the most hygienic ones, which they were considered before. Their immune systems may not be that super. There best in the world medical facilities and governmental managerial role can be questioned here. Or maybe their mistake of considering it as a “Chinese Virus” gave them huge aftereffects.

Covid-19 as Geopolitical Game changer:

The infection’s financial effect didn’t stop in China. To comprehend the worldwide impacts, start with the nations to which the infection’s spread was first identified after it hopped from Wuhan across global outskirts. Japan and South Korea have revealed a generous neighborhood spread of the infection. Nearby isolates and school shutdowns in South Korea and Japan have been far less problematic than China’s mass shutdown, yet will all things considered moderate these two nations—the world’s twelfth and third-biggest economies—considerably. As the infection spread to Europe, the monetary effect did, as well. Italy, the European nation with the most affirmed cases, is additionally one of the European nations least ready to manage the monetary aftermath. On account of its huge obligation trouble, Italy is precluded by European Union principles from running a significant spending shortfall. It will battle to support its economy without extra spending. In the interim, the European Central Bank has just sliced its principle loan cost to negative levels, so it is probably not going to follow the U.S. Central bank increasing loan costs to manage the emergency. The point is that for how long these superpowers are going to support others, when they themselves are in need? The United States, which shows up on a direction toward levels of disease like that of Italy, has more space with which to fight the monetary impacts of the coronavirus if policymakers decide to utilize them. The Federal Reserve has just decreased its fundamental loan fee by 0.5 rate focuses, which ought to urge organizations and buyers to obtain and spend. Congress simply affirmed some extra spending, however, the $8 billion bundles is modest contrasted with the general size of the U.S. economy, thus will have no full-scale impact. On the off chance that Congress needed to get and spend more, it could without much of a stretch do as such. In the event that the United States needed to acquire and go through additional to manage COVID-19, it effectively could. Over the previous week, the U.S. government’s obtaining costs have fallen significantly as financial specialists have purchased up U.S. government bonds, looking for safe resources in a period of vulnerability. The international politics revolve around “Either the solidarity or the competition or both”.

Our role and support:

It is a global pandemic, that has altered the social behaviors by causing fear and panic all around. We can quote the example of our own country where people throw their generosity away after listening to the name of lockdown. Not just here but all around fear has developed, the competition of survival is ready to be fought. Whether we would get our basic necessities tomorrow or no way, this made them panicking the situation and start stocking, In this way leading to exploitation of the society. Many of them present in us are playing over this calling it business. Demand increased, the stock disappeared and what is available is more than triple price. What we can do is to stop panicking and stop greediness.

Together we can only survive!

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