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Desires Always Inspire

The sun was setting down behind the trees in a faraway village of Adiala located in district Rawalpindi. It was a fascinating sight for the tiresome farmers and the peasants returning back from their farmlands, as it was always pleasant for their lethargic minds to behold the sight of such sparkling twilight. Among hundreds of villager’s houses, there was a mud house of two rooms and a vast courtyard with peepal trees. A small family of three members resided in that house. Muhammad Saleem, his wife Bano, and their eighth year’s old son Sikandar. Muhammad Saleem was a farmer by profession. He used to harvest crops in the harvesting season and used to sell them in the city market of Rawalpindi and got some money in exchange through which they made their both ends need. His wife used to perform household chores and spent simple life like other women of the village. Their son, Sikandar was an idle child who used to roam about the dumpy streets of the village with other mischievous children all day long. He had no productive or fruitful activity in his life. He was a chubby boy with attractive facial features but he always remained untidy wearing dirty clothes. He had no passion or intention to make his life better by acquiring some basic education. But he always remained ignorant towards such important aspects of his life that could have resulted in his success. It was yet to be discovered that he had some spark within his soul that was still to be ignited and to turn him into a world-changing tool.
The days were passing with a certain air of sluggishness. Hence, like other days, one morning Muhammad Saleem awoke and asked his wife for the breakfast, as he had to go to the market for selling two sacks of rice. While taking his breakfast he felt a severe headache followed by pain in the whole body. But the visit to the market could not be staked for the illness. So, he decided to take Sikandar with him, so that he could share the burden with his father.
On the way to market, he caught the sight of strange, thrilling incidents near the market. He saw an authoritative person with an arrogant air, beating a group of three to four people violently. They seemed underprivileged people deprived of basic facilities of life with poverty-stricken faces. The reason for beating them was that they ran after his car to wipe its gate with a dirty cloth and demanded some money in exchange, as they do on traffic signals to earn some amount of money. But the man overwhelmed by the sense of pride and authority bashed them and was just on the verge of bleeding them to death. No one stepped forward to save those devastated people. Instead, they were shooting the violent scene to amuse themselves.
Sikandar got disturbed after catching the sight of such a violent incident when he suddenly saw a car stopping nearby those poor people and a nice man with pleasant composure stepped out of that car. He jerked the evil man through his collar and asked him about the matter with grave seriousness. The man influenced by his high-ranking position, authoritative personality, and motto of justice lowered his tone and apologized to him for his violent behavior. The good man in white shalwar kameez was a CSP officer of the district and allotted some respectable jobs to them through making calls to social welfare organizations. Hence he resolved the issue justly and in a well-managed way.
This Incident deeply influenced Sikandar. On their way to home, he asked his father about that impressive, pleasant man who saved the lives of poor people, to which Saleem replied: ‘They are ‘Bare Sahib’, that is government employees, and have reached this position by working hard day and night to educate themselves. They are CSP officers and have the power to bring peace and prosperity in their country by practicing their powers positively.’
They reached home, but this was not the same Sikandar who had left home in the morning. Something was changed deep inside him. The hidden spark of achieving something had been ignited within him. He got influenced by the idea that how a person with pleasant manners and a good deal of authority can save the suffering class of society from the tyranny of the world. Hence, he had decided to carve out a productive citizen out of himself who would play a fruitful role in the betterment of society. Hence, the journey of Sikandar to become a CSP officer had been started. He used to visit the city market frequently with his father from where he bought books containing alphabets, numerals, and other primary level stuff for beginner classes. Although, it was embarrassing for him to study such basic concepts and primary level books at the age when he was supposed to be a high school student. But he overcame this sense of embarrassment with time. Initially, he had to face a lot of hardships as his parents did not support him. Saleem thought of him to become a farmer like himself and he had framed his whole life in his imagination, that was just of a poor peasant and nothing else. His friends and other senior students also made fun of him when he went to them for some guidance in studious matters. They rebuked him bluntly by saying heart-aching words like: ‘You are the son of a poor farmer and you are destined to live in the same way as your father leads his life, harvesting the crops. Else, you are of no use to this society as your intelligence level does not compliment your goals.’ At times he felt discontented but he always believed in his instincts and never stepped back. As he was a slow walker but he never believed to walk back.
Time kept flying and with every passing year, he was heading towards success. He cleared his matriculation with the highest marks in the whole district. This achievement led his parents to support him. They started believing in his abilities. Hence, many high-ranked colleges acknowledged him and were willing to grant him admission. So, he got fully scholarship-based admission in BS(English) in GCU Lahore after doing his intermediate with exceptional marks. During his struggling period,, a time came when he had to manage his studies and job hand in hand. It was due to the severe accident of his father that he got disabled. So, due to his incomplete degree,, he had to carry out some odd jobs along with his studies as well to nourish and support his family. But he kept on fighting with the bad times like a warrior.
Eventually, he got to succeed. The day came when he was sitting with his father and mother waiting to see the results for the CSS examinations that he had attempted. He opened the portal, murmuring prayers to Allah, gathering all the energies of past struggling years and preparing himself to overcome the fear of getting failed, when a sudden cry of happiness came out of his mouth and he exclaimed, ‘Amma I have passed the examination successfully’
The wave of contentment ran through his body, and he felt that all his efforts were paid off in the past moment. It was an honorable thing for all the villagers and his companions who mocked him for being on the path of enlightenment. At this point he remembered the Holy verse of Quran-Kareem that always strengthened him, whenever he was on the verge of losing hope in the past years, he narrated it to him with serenity:
“Man will not get anything unless he works hard.”
(Surah-al-Najm, 53:39)
Hence, he was on the way to fulfill his dream of uplifting this poverty-stricken and emerging country from the depths of ignorance to heights of illumination. He had planned to start a career counseling institute and to launch a youth development program as well. So that, there might not be any Sikandar who has to sacrifice his desires due to his inner fears and harsh behavior of the society.
Moral lesson:
1) ‘Those who work hard always gets succeed.
2) ‘If one has discipline, drive and determination nothing is impossible.

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