Office No. 24, 2nd Floor, Zaki Centre, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad

Global Youth Association is the organization that is providing youth an opportunity to work and enhance their capacity, to motivate them and give them the passion to earn, learn along with their career is what we own. We are known for our unity making the people join hands on one platform, for one purpose and one dream.

Global Youth Association is making youth use the digital village for their future positivity, making them updated on the National & International level; Global Youth Association is promoting positive use of social media. We make the youth remain updated from current issues to top scholarships & enables students with full guidance to secure their future either on the National level. Global Youth Association is responsible for capacity building & capacity maintenance of people. We make them meet young social activists, own their ideology and helps them in personality grooming making them speak in the way that adds beauty in their gait.


Our Mission is to facilitate each other, work together for one purpose, one mission and one dream. To promote youth to the next level and polish them to internationalize through youth exchange programs with different national and international organizations.

  • To prepare youth by ensuring them that they get the support, guidance, and opportunities they need to succeed.
  • To ensure leadership skills in the young generation through different workshops and practical activities.
  • To counsel the youth and make them capable to show their skills in the specific field.
  • To Internationalize Pakistani youth by scholarships opportunities and International seminars.
  • To promote career counseling at the domestic level.
  • To become the voice of the nation and a representative that brings a positive change for the nation.
  • To promote our youth’s skill at International level.
Our core values
The Most Diverse Group of